Headshot & portrait session.

King Kong

Kryptonite Radio Theater's "King Kong"!

Legends of the Future

A couple of pics from the Kryptonite Radio Theater scifi production of February 2016.


Another shoot with Magdalena...


Just headshots this time...


Some shoots are almost too easy...

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

Here are a few shots taken right before the Sep 12 performance of Kryptonite Radio Theater's "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ" at the Alfons-Jung-Saal in Wiesbaden.


In the second part of this shoot, Dani showed off her experience as a dancer by striking some cool poses!


A very enjoyable shoot with Marina that yielded quite a few great pictures... :)


During this fun shoot with Sarah we went from nice and cute to sensual and seductive. 

Andi & Juliane - wedding portraits

There aren't many locations in Wiesbaden that haven't been shot to death when it comes to wedding photography. Fortunately, the local countess gave us permission to shoot at her private park - how cool is that? 

The scenery included epic views, a hidden pond and redwood trees. Definitely not the most typical environments for the Rhein-Main area. 

Andi & Juliane - civil ceremony

Wonderful weather and of course everybody was in a great mood!


Focussing on headshots, we did squeeze in a couple of 3/4 portraits. 


Headshots, glamour, yoga... This shoot had it all. 


Portrait shoot with Miriam - focus on headshots with a few variations.

Dungeons & Demons II

A quick photo shoot at the Kryptonite Radio Theater production of "Dungeons & Demons II".

Juliane's bachelorette party

Shooting a bachelorette party outdoors... around noon... on the hottest day of the year. Overheating flash heads, sun struck ladies, and a dehydrated photographer - the fun of photography! Still got some decent pics out of it though. :) 


Portrait shoot with Yasmina - again a mix of high key and low key. 


In one session we went from angelic high key beauty shots all the way to demonic low light sports portraits. 


Photo shoot with a vintage theme.